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Our division focuses mainly on providing solutions with a high degree of specialization in engineering, construction, roads and earthworks. with a great level of diversification and the support of the different expert units of our company.

We perfectly combine our vast experience with the specific needs and requirements of Mining.

Ground movements

WSC is a leading company in earthmoving works, with extensive experience in construction projects and mining processes. Made up of a highly qualified and committed human team, it has specialized machinery and top-level technology, which allows it to deliver comprehensive and innovative solutions to the challenges posed by its clients, maintaining stable and long-term relationships.


We offer infrastructure construction services for various fields, such as civil works, exterior works, urbanization, sustainable engineering, among others. We focus on quality, care for the environment and final usability.

Heavy machinery

We are dedicated to leasing service machinery for companies in various sectors such as construction and mining companies.

We have a wide catalog of heavy machinery to satisfy every need.

Wind and Solar Parks

Foundation Design Engineering .

We have the Exclusivity of Patrick & Henderson Inc. Throughout Mexico and Latin America.

P&H is a North American company dedicated to specialized engineering. It has an impeccable track record in construction and design of foundations for wind turbines.

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Wind Stone Constructions has the exclusive rights to the renowned Patrick and Henderson, INC patent in Mexico and Latin America for the development of wind turbine foundations.

Patrick and Henderson